Feed Your Mind

Our Philosophy

Mind. Body. Heart.

Investigate the powerful possibilities through inspired innovation and instill a renewed pride and passion in every endeavor.

We are a company that focuses on innovative, outside the box ideas or products that will help charitable organizations by using “cause marketing” as part of the overall Marketing Strategy.

We leverage existing brands or develop new products and brands. Our goal is to have an immediate high impact result for both the brand and the cause.

Our Story

Our mission is to provide a healthy alternative to traditional vending. We offer low calorie, low fat, tasty snacks for all ages and a variety of books, games and puzzles that are sure to please everyone. With so much emphasis being placed on heathier living, eating right and taking care of mind and body, our offering could not be any more relevant and timely.

Supported Foundations

We are excited at the opportunity to work with our Partners in support of charities and cause marketing efforts that help fund cures for many of today’s most debilitating diseases.

Together, we will make a difference!