Feed Your Mind

Our Product

People experience wait times every day. Waiting often results in growing impatient and becoming bored. For moments like this people need something to put them in a happier place.

Our offering provides entertaining options and healthy snacks to enjoy with a book, puzzle, game or simply all by itself.

How It Works

Our solution is configured to handle Select Products, including a complete kit covering Product Mix options, Set Up and Maintenance Instructions, Marketing Strategies, Demographics, Pricing Strategies, Tracking Systems, Signage and Location Presentation.

Currently, Feed Your Mind vending machines are located at Seattle Center, Highline Medical and Overlake Surgical Center. With more locations in the works.

We're always on the lookout for placement in Travel Ports, Medical Facilities, Hotels, Colleges and Schools, Retirement and Assisted Leaving Facilities, and Public Transportation Systems. High traffic locations where people have to wait are a primary target.

Business & Investment Opportunities

Feed Your Mind is interested in partnerships with individuals and groups across the country interested in generating a very nice revenue stream with a very fast ROI.

Using strategic and well planned expansion strategies to foster strong growth, we will work with you to drive stronger same location sales through implementation and merchandising of an effective Category Management Program aligning our very unique product offering with consumer demand. Shelf space earned based on consumer demand money is saved by only stocking what consumers buy. Ensuring fresh, new product rotation and through an efficient ordering system consumers will become repeat customers. We offer the added benefit of a marketing plan that includes product updates to current and potential partners, cross web promotion, loyalty programs and strategies for well placed signage to help drive incremental sales.


We are very interested in partnerships with charitable organizations, seniors and the retired community, college students and small vending businesses to gain placements and assist in maintaining units and/or own units nationally.

Coming Soon

We're always on the move, thinking up new and enriching ways to give back. Keep checking back for the latest updates or join our mailing list.